Useful Things

If you’ve clicked here, that means you were looking for some useful things, and why not?!

Below is a series of other places on the internet that you’ll find helpful as a producer, presenter, online editor or anything else that involves radio broadcasting.

How To Make Great Radio – This book by David Lloyd gives a fabulous insight into some of the yay and nays of making radio. It’s a one-stop shop for aspiring and seasoned professionals.

BBC Safe Guarding Trust Modules – These modules from the BBC are designed to make you think about how you produce audiences on any scale or medium. You get a certificate at the end and everything…and they’re free!

BBC College of Production – Another handy little BBC resource with videos and tips in all fields of production work.

The Radio Academy – Endorsed by most UK radio stations, they hold events, talks and various other little bits on the side. Well worth being a part of. – If you’re looking for a job in TV, Radio or Print, this should be your first port of call. It also features all the latest news and topical discussions.

Radio Today – A site dedicated to the radio industry, featuring news, jobs and everything else you can think of.

The Pips – A fabulous organisation helping people get into radio, offers advice on demos  and loads more too.

Student Radio Association – Promotes and supports students of all ages wanting to get into the radio industry.

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