So You’re Thinking About Starting A Podcast?

I was delighted to be asked by the Suffolk business support service ‘Menta’ to write a short introductory piece about podcasts and new businesses / start-ups recently. You can find out more about Menta here. The aim was to help inform new business owners about podcasting and make them think about whether it’s the right step for a new venture so early on in their business.

So You’re Thinking About Starting A Podcast?

Everyone’s doing it nowadays aren’t they? Podcasting is very much here to stay and there’s a podcast available on practically any subject you can think of, and even ones on things you dare not think about. But is a podcast right for you and your business?

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Every Breath You Take

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to here, so apologies!

Having spent nearly a decade working in the radio industry, I’m still annoyed that I hear awful edits in recorded pieces of audio. De-breathing a recording isn’t uncommon, and can make adverts sound wonderful, but in news reports, interviews, and any other piece of edited audio that you hear from time to time, people sometimes just don’t take enough care over what they are doing.

I often hear clips in the news where the speaker takes a breath, and then half way through it they start their next word. It’s not something you would do naturally, so why would you edit like that? It’s awful to hear. I’d even go as far to say that it’s just terribly lazy radio editing.

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