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I wonder if you’ve ever stopped to consider the news?

That’s an odd question to ask but in recent years the format of what news is, against what it potentially should be, has changed a lot. A quick Google search for the definition of news tells us that it’s:

“Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events”


“A person or thing considered interesting enough to be reported in the news.”

News is something that surrounds our lives. It’s what allows us to stay connected to the world around us; whether that’s within our families and circles of friends, or something that’s happened internationally. It’s also taken on lots of different forms; local news, regional news, national news, international new, showbiz news, music news, business news… the list goes on and on, and that’s no bad thing. People that want a specific subject can get it at the touch of a button or on a 24 hour rolling news channel on TV.

The thing I’d like to get to the bottom of though, is what exactly is news in 2016?

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London Calling…

“Call Clegg”. What a scoop for LBC Radio – giving Nick Clegg, the deputy PM, his own radio phone in to answer questions from the public.

Of course, this could go one of two ways should he say something highly inappropriate or controversial, with no PR person to filter his words before they hit the microphone, but it certainly is a new way of taking politics to the people;  giving them a feeling that the government is more accessible and getting their voice heard.

How have LBC pulled this off? I guess we’ll never know – but if you hadn’t heard of LBC before today, then by the end of the week I’m sure that the London based station will be spoken widely of around the UK.

Bravo LBC. Bravo.