The Radio Production Series – Foo To Traffic Reports!

Traffic and travel reports sound so easy don’t they? You hear lots of people saying “I could do that….” but have you ever thought about the art of reading or even writing a travel bulletin? When people ask me about going out and getting on air experience as a presenter or jock, I sometimes point them to traffic and travel bulletin reading as a starting point. It’s not an area which most people think about when being on air, but it’s a great place to begin because it helps to focus the mind on unpacking and delivering short pieces of information.

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The Radio Production Series – Preparing A Radio Programme

Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

That’s a phrase radio and every single task we do as beings on this planet lives and dies by.

  • Forget to buy milk. You don’t get breakfast.
  • Don’t plant seeds. Harvests won’t grow.
  • Didn’t read the map. You’ll probably get lost.

You get the idea.

Everyday I have to prepare a radio programme and everyday I have to assume that it won’t go to plan. It sounds a bit cynical to think like that, but assuming that what you’ve prepared will get you through an entire show without a hitch is not the smartest move to make.

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Copy right, so not to get it wrong

Ever been confused by copyright, and whether you can or can’t use something?

Well, the BBC has brilliantly come up with a brand new site explaining just what you can and can’t use when creating content.

Read more about it here.

BBC Social Media Guidelines 2015

The BBC have updated their social media guidelines – well worth a quick look and read, regardless of whether you are in radio or not.

Download the full document and guidelines here.

Thanks to @Trushar Barot for spotting this one.

Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker launch online platform aimed at women

Online audio and video sites have been around for a while, but reading about this start up from Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker not only sounds special, but could be a game changer.

From the Guardian –

“BBC 6 Music presenter Lauren Laverne and former Cosmopolitan and Red magazine editor Sam Baker are launching a new online platform featuring writing, audio and video aimed at women….”

The Pool Logo

Read more here: The Pool from Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker

Follow them on Twitter: @thepooluk

Radio 1 Chart Show on the move

It’s been a firm Sunday fixture for years, but Ben Cooper has announced that the Radio 1 Chart Show is on the move to Greg James’ Friday show. He also announced a new youth council and more short form news pieces.

You can read more here :-

Radio 1 chart show moving to Friday afternoons

And find out more about what’s happening to the Radio 1 schedule here

The Unwanted Public Voice

Before I get into this, I should probably point out that I actually enjoy watching the Voice – yes it’s a talent show, but without the adverts and a break every 5 minutes, it’s actually quite enjoyable.

However the thing that annoys me more than anything about this year, and hopefully will be fixed for series 3, is the voting system.

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Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble

I wanted to write this a while ago, when the title of this post actually zipped back into the chart at number one; yes, it’s a piece on Ant and Dec…

For those of you who haven’t been graced by their presence through the flashy box in the corner of the living room, then you’ll probably have no clue about who I’m on about… the chances are though, at some time during your life, you would have encountered them.

They started out on children’s TV drama ‘Byker Grove’ back in the late 80’s, a TV show set in the North East of England, and off the back of it had a few hits as PJ and Duncan in the music chart, and then followed more television work as presenters of various shows, including their own (Saturday Night Take Away) – working week in, week out, honing them into household names. When I think about it, I don’t think they’ve been off a screen. Ever.

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Broadcasting a joyful noise


Christmas is coming… well actually, for me, Christmas has been on the cards for quite some time, but as I write this post, there are exactly 41 days to the day of good cheer.

Radio is a funny old place when it comes to broadcasting festive music. Even BBC Radio 1 side-lines some of its main stream music and harks back to some of the classics of yesteryear. But what is it that allows this rule to happen? More to the point, what is it about the jingly jangly sounds from years gone by that can’t be matched by artists of today?

I know for a fact that when I flick on the dial anywhere over the festive period, that I’m going to hear the new acts, and ghosts of X Factor past (who could forget them…!) attempt to bellow out a joyful sound, but the sounds of Sir Cliff and Wizzard will be wishing us a Merry Christmas with mulled wine and logs on the fire.

Christmas is a special time of year that allows radio stations just that little bit of flexibility to do what they like, and get away with it, but for the sake of the Christmas angel that sits a-top the tree, please don’t abuse this privilege. 

Ho ho ho.