Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker launch online platform aimed at women

Online audio and video sites have been around for a while, but reading about this start up from Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker not only sounds special, but could be a game changer.

From the Guardian –

“BBC 6 Music presenter Lauren Laverne and former Cosmopolitan and Red magazine editor Sam Baker are launching a new online platform featuring writing, audio and video aimed at women….”

The Pool Logo

Read more here: The Pool from Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker

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Going one louder…

I’ve taken the title of this post from the brilliant ‘This Is Spinal Tap’. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then may I suggest that you get yourself a copy and watch in sheer delight at some of the brilliant lines!

Anyway… the reason I have chosen that as a title is that recently I have watched a number of people recording podcasts, shows and interviews at recording levels so high, that seagulls have been knocked out the sky.

It was in 2005 when I was still a whippersnapper in the radio industry and I met Elliott James Frisby, who to this day is still one of my good friends. We were recording some vocals for his music reel and was showing me a few tricks of the trade, and a phrase he used while we were recording has always stuck in my mind…

It is always easier to make something louder…

He’s right, and it’s something that I have adhered to ever since that day.

Once I have set my levels in the studio for a recording, I always take a few Db off to make sure that it doesn’t peak. It’s difficult to restore distorted audio, not impossible, but very difficult – so do yourself a favour the next time you’re planning on recording an item – set your levels and then lower them – it’s always easier to make them louder in the edit.

Every Breath You Take

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to here, so apologies!

Having spent nearly a decade working in the radio industry, I’m still annoyed that I hear awful edits in recorded pieces of audio. De-breathing a recording isn’t uncommon, and can make adverts sound wonderful, but in news reports, interviews, and any other piece of edited audio that you hear from time to time, people sometimes just don’t take enough care over what they are doing.

I often hear clips in the news where the speaker takes a breath, and then half way through it they start their next word. It’s not something you would do naturally, so why would you edit like that? It’s awful to hear. I’d even go as far to say that it’s just terribly lazy radio editing.

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Hear All About It

On Wednesday afternoon, I stumbled across something called Podium, and it got me thinking…

The Podium idea is quite straight forward…give people a platform to voice their opinion on something that matters to them. This isn’t reinventing the wheel, but Podium are aiming themselves at the younger end of the life spectrum, giving the youth of today a mouth piece.

The bit that got me thinking was this; could this be what Google might one day become?

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