Exams, Stresses And Life

With results days soon on the way, life as a student about what to do next is quite stressful. So here’s two blogs that might be of some use.

The first comes from my fabulous friend and Instagramer Disasters Of A 30 Something – who not only finds herself daily in ridiculous and hilarious situations – but is right on point when it comes to talking about life:

BLOG: How lunch dictated my career

And then there’s my story of being useless at exams, joining uni, quitting uni, and chasing my dreams:

BLOG: This weeks blog is brought to you by the letter A*….

Whatever you get in your exams, there are options available out there for everyone to get to the next place down the road of life. For some that looks like continuing in education, for others it could be an apprenticeship or a gap year.

There’s no right or wrong about where you should be going in life; just take your time to think about your future and find that thing that makes you happy.

 This weeks blog is brought to you by the letter A*…

Well, it’s that time of year where you open an envelope on A-Level/GCSE results day to determine your fate.

I remember both of the days fondly; going down to my school to pick up the piece of paper that decided my next stage of life, and low and behold, I hadn’t done that well. It wasn’t surprising really when I had spent most of my revision time playing football and sitting on the beach. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. In hindsight I probably should have studied more.

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