The Radio Production Series – What A Producer Actually Does

I get asked a lot about what it is I actually do for a living as a radio producer, especially by family members who believe that I sit around drinking tea and deciding which records to play on the radio… (To be fair, I do get to do that sometimes), so I thought it’s about time I wrote about some of the aspects of my job and what exactly it is I get up to (while of course drinking tea).

The best description I can give anyone is that I am a gatekeeper of the airwaves, standing proudly in front of a giant door.

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Exams, Stresses And Life

With results days soon on the way, life as a student about what to do next is quite stressful. So here’s two blogs that might be of some use.

The first comes from my fabulous friend and Instagramer Disasters Of A 30 Something – who not only finds herself daily in ridiculous and hilarious situations – but is right on point when it comes to talking about life:

BLOG: How lunch dictated my career

And then there’s my story of being useless at exams, joining uni, quitting uni, and chasing my dreams:

BLOG: This weeks blog is brought to you by the letter A*….

Whatever you get in your exams, there are options available out there for everyone to get to the next place down the road of life. For some that looks like continuing in education, for others it could be an apprenticeship or a gap year.

There’s no right or wrong about where you should be going in life; just take your time to think about your future and find that thing that makes you happy.

8 Things Everyone at Your Station Should Know (Reblogged)

This articles focus is spot on, and applies not just in media, but any occupation. Have a read and see if you agree –

8 Things Everyone at Your Station Should Know – Tracy Johnson Media Group.

(Thanks to @JamesCridland for highlighting this one)

Copy right, so not to get it wrong

Ever been confused by copyright, and whether you can or can’t use something?

Well, the BBC has brilliantly come up with a brand new site explaining just what you can and can’t use when creating content.

Read more about it here.

BBC Social Media Guidelines 2015

The BBC have updated their social media guidelines – well worth a quick look and read, regardless of whether you are in radio or not.

Download the full document and guidelines here.

Thanks to @Trushar Barot for spotting this one.

Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker launch online platform aimed at women

Online audio and video sites have been around for a while, but reading about this start up from Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker not only sounds special, but could be a game changer.

From the Guardian –

“BBC 6 Music presenter Lauren Laverne and former Cosmopolitan and Red magazine editor Sam Baker are launching a new online platform featuring writing, audio and video aimed at women….”

The Pool Logo

Read more here: The Pool from Lauren Laverne and Sam Baker

Follow them on Twitter: @thepooluk

Producing the Today programme

A great read if you get a chance!


Around this time last year I wrote an article about my then job, which was managing the social media and website for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. Not long after publishing it, I was given the chance to to move off the online team and become a producer on the actual radio show. I thought now might be a good time to write an updated blog entry about what this job involves and give some examples of what I’ve been doing for the past year for anyone who might be interested in hearing more about the behind-the-scenes mechanics of the show.


First of all, just to quash from the gate any suspicion that I landed this dream job by being some kind of ruthlessly ambitious careerist, let me say that this is a role that I never envisioned myself doing. Not because I didn’t want to, quite the opposite, but because working for a programme…

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Radio 1 Chart Show on the move

It’s been a firm Sunday fixture for years, but Ben Cooper has announced that the Radio 1 Chart Show is on the move to Greg James’ Friday show. He also announced a new youth council and more short form news pieces.

You can read more here :-

Radio 1 chart show moving to Friday afternoons

And find out more about what’s happening to the Radio 1 schedule here

Going one louder…

I’ve taken the title of this post from the brilliant ‘This Is Spinal Tap’. If you have no idea what I’m talking about then may I suggest that you get yourself a copy and watch in sheer delight at some of the brilliant lines!

Anyway… the reason I have chosen that as a title is that recently I have watched a number of people recording podcasts, shows and interviews at recording levels so high, that seagulls have been knocked out the sky.

It was in 2005 when I was still a whippersnapper in the radio industry and I met Elliott James Frisby, who to this day is still one of my good friends. We were recording some vocals for his music reel and was showing me a few tricks of the trade, and a phrase he used while we were recording has always stuck in my mind…

It is always easier to make something louder…

He’s right, and it’s something that I have adhered to ever since that day.

Once I have set my levels in the studio for a recording, I always take a few Db off to make sure that it doesn’t peak. It’s difficult to restore distorted audio, not impossible, but very difficult – so do yourself a favour the next time you’re planning on recording an item – set your levels and then lower them – it’s always easier to make them louder in the edit.

 This weeks blog is brought to you by the letter A*…

Well, it’s that time of year where you open an envelope on A-Level/GCSE results day to determine your fate.

I remember both of the days fondly; going down to my school to pick up the piece of paper that decided my next stage of life, and low and behold, I hadn’t done that well. It wasn’t surprising really when I had spent most of my revision time playing football and sitting on the beach. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. In hindsight I probably should have studied more.

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