Working from home through the CoronaVirus – Covid19

As we all move into this uncharted territory and waters of home working and isolated living, I’ve drafted up a few quick thoughts to help you cope.

• If you’re working from home then make sure you stick to a routine; get up as if you were going out the front door and making your way to work. It’s really easy to find distractions around the house that stop you from doing what you’re supposed to be doing, but if you carry on as normal you’ll get over this hurdle quickly.

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Recovering From Mistakes

Let’s be honest…. we’re all human, and with that comes the frailty of not being perfect, which in turn means that we make mistakes.

You can’t run away from it. It’s a fact. At some point in your life you’ll make a mistake. Whether that’s in your professional or personal life – you will make an error at some point.

What sets you apart from the pack though, is how you overcome it.

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Extra, EXTRA… read all about it!

I wonder if you’ve ever stopped to consider the news?

That’s an odd question to ask but in recent years the format of what news is, against what it potentially should be, has changed a lot. A quick Google search for the definition of news tells us that it’s:

“Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events”


“A person or thing considered interesting enough to be reported in the news.”

News is something that surrounds our lives. It’s what allows us to stay connected to the world around us; whether that’s within our families and circles of friends, or something that’s happened internationally. It’s also taken on lots of different forms; local news, regional news, national news, international new, showbiz news, music news, business news… the list goes on and on, and that’s no bad thing. People that want a specific subject can get it at the touch of a button or on a 24 hour rolling news channel on TV.

The thing I’d like to get to the bottom of though, is what exactly is news in 2016?

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8 Things Everyone at Your Station Should Know (Reblogged)

This articles focus is spot on, and applies not just in media, but any occupation. Have a read and see if you agree –

8 Things Everyone at Your Station Should Know – Tracy Johnson Media Group.

(Thanks to @JamesCridland for highlighting this one)

The Unwanted Public Voice

Before I get into this, I should probably point out that I actually enjoy watching the Voice – yes it’s a talent show, but without the adverts and a break every 5 minutes, it’s actually quite enjoyable.

However the thing that annoys me more than anything about this year, and hopefully will be fixed for series 3, is the voting system.

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Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble

I wanted to write this a while ago, when the title of this post actually zipped back into the chart at number one; yes, it’s a piece on Ant and Dec…

For those of you who haven’t been graced by their presence through the flashy box in the corner of the living room, then you’ll probably have no clue about who I’m on about… the chances are though, at some time during your life, you would have encountered them.

They started out on children’s TV drama ‘Byker Grove’ back in the late 80’s, a TV show set in the North East of England, and off the back of it had a few hits as PJ and Duncan in the music chart, and then followed more television work as presenters of various shows, including their own (Saturday Night Take Away) – working week in, week out, honing them into household names. When I think about it, I don’t think they’ve been off a screen. Ever.

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Britain Bangs Musics Drum

Once again the nation has voted with its feet, leaving 2 talented performers to scrap out their worthiness that was eventually sealed by a public vote, while the ludicrous sail through to the next round.

If you haven’t quite worked out that I’m talking about the X-Factor, then I doubt you would be alone (what with their falling ratings and all).

The weekend just past saw Ella and James (the shows 2 best prospects), battle out a last place finish, while Rylan Clark whistled through to the next round of the competition. What’s really sad is that this could have all been changed by the public vote…alas.

So the question I ask you, the reader of this page, is just what classifies being an X-Factor contestant? Apparently shoddy singing and choirs to mask dodgy vocals so it seems. Why is it that genuine talent is being pushed stage left, while the side shows waltz through? What is it that connects the public to them?

I suppose you could say that it’s the British stiff upper lip mentality of rooting for the underdog, but maybe the taste test bar is higher than the table everyone is sitting at…and I’m not just talking about the X Factor.