Back To Basics

Usually I spend a few hours editing audio, writing in and out lines; throw aheads, trails and pointers for online listen agains, promos and music reference points.
Today we had a technical malfunction in the office with all our computers, and it makes you realise just how much we rely on technology working.

Sometimes we rely on technology too much – before we had the joy of the internet I once read Kenny Everett wouldn’t go on air without first writing 2 full pages of notes that he can refer to during the course of his show.

Here’s the top sheet that we used on today’s afternoon programme to help us get over the malfunction:

Handwritten show notes

Handwritten show notes –  top sheet overview

So the next time you’re shouting at a computer that’s not working, remember Kenny, pick up a pen and pretend you’re living the high life on the North Sea…

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