Radio World Cup

There is absolutely no escaping this years World Cup competition in Brazil. Football’s ultimate golden prize that seems to captivate even the non-football fan, in all far flung corners of the globe.

While the majority of us will be watching England with baited breath, and wondering if ‘this is the year’, companies up and down the land are cashing in on any success they might have by giving money off TV’s the further they get into the competition…no pressure lads.

But what about the programme makers? How can they keep audiences hooked without moving too far away from what they regularly do so they can try and keep most listeners happy?

One of the ideas I came up with went down a storm on Premier Christian Radio.

If you’re unaware of Premier Christian Radio, then to fill you in, they are the leading Christian radio station in the UK, with a growing national audience on DAB digital radio, and on Freeview TV too. They broadcast a mixture of music, speech and teaching shows, as well as the regular daytime programmes you’d come to expect of any other station, but with a religious (and sometimes not!) twist.

We asked the afternoon audience to pick a Bible character football team, where they would play them on the pitch, and why.

It engaged the football and non-football audience no end, and got loads of great suggestions throughout the show…

Jesus should play in goal because he saves!

The Angel Gabriel can play ON THE WING…

We put the final team online and gave it another push during the next programme.

This allowed us to keeping hold of our regular audience by talking about the thing they loved, kept the station current and on message, without physically having to talk about the latest score. It was a great success.

The World Cup may be on the lips of people up and down the land, but it’s important to make sure that you don’t lose touch with the core values of what your station does. Score predictions will work for the early rounds of the World Cup, but what will you be doing should England go all the way? 5 weeks of football could be a huge bore if you don’t continue to carry out what you do best.

I’ve written about just one idea, but I’d be interested to know what you have come up with! Drop me a line on Twitter.

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