Every Breath You Take

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to here, so apologies!

Having spent nearly a decade working in the radio industry, I’m still annoyed that I hear awful edits in recorded pieces of audio. De-breathing a recording isn’t uncommon, and can make adverts sound wonderful, but in news reports, interviews, and any other piece of edited audio that you hear from time to time, people sometimes just don’t take enough care over what they are doing.

I often hear clips in the news where the speaker takes a breath, and then half way through it they start their next word. It’s not something you would do naturally, so why would you edit like that? It’s awful to hear. I’d even go as far to say that it’s just terribly lazy radio editing.

Spending an extra 30 seconds making sure something sounds right, rather than the just editing something just for the sake of it, can leave the listener with a better noise ringing in their ears.

You might be billing the audio you have as being a recording, that it was an interview that you did last week, or evening that morning, but making sure the listener can’t distinguish between when you’re live and when you’re not, can only add to the overall radio listening experience.

For more info on editing audio, take a look around on YouTube. There are some great videos on there for various editing suites which will show you how to edit voiceovers and audio.

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