The Unwanted Public Voice

Before I get into this, I should probably point out that I actually enjoy watching the Voice – yes it’s a talent show, but without the adverts and a break every 5 minutes, it’s actually quite enjoyable.

However the thing that annoys me more than anything about this year, and hopefully will be fixed for series 3, is the voting system.

In case you’re not aware, the public voted for their favourite act (something we’re used to from the likes of the X-Factor and BGT), but here’s the twist, the votes were then broken down into teams -Team Jessie, Team Danny, Team Will or Team Tom.

So, let’s say the voting looked like this:

Team Will Act 1 – 23% of the vote

Team Will Act 2 – 21% of the vote

Team Tom Act 2 – 18% of the vote

Team Jessie Act 1 – 12% of the vote

Team Jessie Act 2 – 10% of the vote

Team Tom Act 1 – 8% of the vote

Team Danny Act 1 – 6% of the vote

Team Danny Act 2 – 4% of the vote

Now then, Team Will has 2 acts, both of which have the majority vote, followed by an act from Team Tom, and so on…

What then happens is the part that annoys me, and probably the general public too, is that Team Will can only take 1 of his acts through to the final, with the other bowing out of the competition. But… Team Danny, who the public didn’t pick up the phone for, gets to take an act through that no one is really behind.

The figures and percentages above are just examples, and I have no idea how the voting even went, but I do understand that the show wants all 4 judges to remain competitive right the way to the final. It’s a nice idea in concept, but in reality, the public could be being duped by the fact they are getting something that they haven’t really paid for when they pick up the phone.

I do hope that this changes with the next series when it returns – the show has promised changes. Maybe this will be one of them.

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