Hear All About It

On Wednesday afternoon, I stumbled across something called Podium, and it got me thinking…

The Podium idea is quite straight forward…give people a platform to voice their opinion on something that matters to them. This isn’t reinventing the wheel, but Podium are aiming themselves at the younger end of the life spectrum, giving the youth of today a mouth piece.

The bit that got me thinking was this; could this be what Google might one day become?

We have embraced mobile technology, and most smart phones have the ability to record media. Is there anything stopping a human driven real-time search engine, that’s purely news, with content entirely as video and sound?

Of course, there would be the issue surrounding sources being legitimate, so I guess only accredited journalists could be granted the access to appear on such a service, if only to guarantee some sort of reliability to it.

The other problem, if something like this became a reality, would be what effect would it have on printed media? I honestly wouldn’t know.

It’s maybe a nice idea in principle, an audio/video real-time news engine, but I’m sure one day it will be a reality.

As for Podium…I glad they exist, and that they are effectively time-capsuling opinion from the youth of today. I’m confident that in years to come, the text results that we already know will still exist, but believe fully that historical audio archives of what life was like will become more dominant, and this will be our ‘Google’.

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