Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble

I wanted to write this a while ago, when the title of this post actually zipped back into the chart at number one; yes, it’s a piece on Ant and Dec…

For those of you who haven’t been graced by their presence through the flashy box in the corner of the living room, then you’ll probably have no clue about who I’m on about… the chances are though, at some time during your life, you would have encountered them.

They started out on children’s TV drama ‘Byker Grove’ back in the late 80’s, a TV show set in the North East of England, and off the back of it had a few hits as PJ and Duncan in the music chart, and then followed more television work as presenters of various shows, including their own (Saturday Night Take Away) – working week in, week out, honing them into household names. When I think about it, I don’t think they’ve been off a screen. Ever.

Ant and Dec are clearly PR savvy, and just recently they proved this… as ‘Saturday Night Take Away’ was coming to an end they invited the stars of 90’s yesteryear to come and promote their up and coming tour. The twist of course was them returning as PJ and Duncan and performing ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble’.

None of the acts that performed on the show that night made it back into the Top 40 (as far as I’m aware), but a week later, Ant and Dec we’re back at the top of the charts with a re-release of ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble’ as PJ and Duncan, keeping them in the limelight until their ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ hosting duties resurfaced.

Despite being beamed into every UK home nearly every weekend, they haven’t ever really dominated the radio world. Sure, they’ve had interviews on the radio, but never their own regular show. Most would probably argue that they don’t need to, or that they are just too busy; I’d also question whether the fun they have on our screens would be hard to replicate without having the visual, and seeing them joking around. But as two of TV’s most loved, they would put dollar signs into a programme controllers eyes. Who wouldn’t want them?!

I wonder though, whether if it’s out of personal choice that they don’t have a slot on a station somewhere, or if they’ve just never had an offer? (If you’re interested chaps, I’m up for the challenge).

Either way – if you’re starting out in media, and looking for a PR bench mark, I suggest you look no further than these two lovable stars, as they’ve done everything spot on.

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