Britain Bangs Musics Drum

Once again the nation has voted with its feet, leaving 2 talented performers to scrap out their worthiness that was eventually sealed by a public vote, while the ludicrous sail through to the next round.

If you haven’t quite worked out that I’m talking about the X-Factor, then I doubt you would be alone (what with their falling ratings and all).

The weekend just past saw Ella and James (the shows 2 best prospects), battle out a last place finish, while Rylan Clark whistled through to the next round of the competition. What’s really sad is that this could have all been changed by the public vote…alas.

So the question I ask you, the reader of this page, is just what classifies being an X-Factor contestant? Apparently shoddy singing and choirs to mask dodgy vocals so it seems. Why is it that genuine talent is being pushed stage left, while the side shows waltz through? What is it that connects the public to them?

I suppose you could say that it’s the British stiff upper lip mentality of rooting for the underdog, but maybe the taste test bar is higher than the table everyone is sitting at…and I’m not just talking about the X Factor.

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