Practice, practice, practice…execute.

Remember all those years ago, when you were a wee child, and told time and time again that practice makes perfect?

Well, guess what? It’s true. (seriously)

Whether you’re a radio presenter reading this blog, a budding producer or doing something not even related to radio. Practice really does make perfect.

One of the greatest presenters I ever watched was David ‘Diddy’ Hamilton. Why? Because of what he did between songs. The reason why he was so successful is down to the fact that he wasn’t dancing around the studio or updating his latest social media status with what he had just eaten. He was rehearsing his next link…constantly. And I’m not talking about randomly reading through it once. He was saying the words out loud 3 or 4 times over. It’s what made him, and at this point I’d like to quote MC Hammer, “Magic on the mic”.


As for producing, it’s not quite as simple as that. Sometimes it’s about trial and error, finding out what works, adapting it, and then improving it to make it your own. But again, you’ll only get this by practicing. Whether it’s trying to mix 2 pieces of music together cut some speech, whatever. It’s all about practicing, learning, and not making the same mistake twice.

So then. To conclude. Practice. (Please).

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